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Worldwide Ground Transportation Services

Since 2002, ACTION Worldwide Limousines has been dedicated to providing the highest level of corporate sedan, executive limousine, luxury minivan and coach services both locally and in more than 500 destinations worldwide.

With just one call the expert knowledge of our many years in the transportation industry is delivered to you allowing you to experience secure, comfortable, and reliable service.
ACTION Worldwide Limousines offers flexible, efficient and convenient local, national and international travel solutions and a variety of transportation options for all the different requirements of business travellers, leisure travellers, travel agents and event planners.
By always going the extra mile and giving exceptional attention to details, ACTION Worldwide Limousines has become unique as a leading provider of worldwide ground transportation services.

Global Network ›

ACTION Worldwide Limousines manages worldwide ground transportation services for its customers on a daily basis.
Each of our global affiliates of our constantly expanding network is selected and has to be the best in his market. As well as fulfilling all relevant legislative and licensing requirements, our affiliates must be capable of providing a premium service and have specific experience of business and VIP travel related services, especially roadshows, conferences and events.
We explicitly and clearly express what we expect from our partners and monitor them through regular appraisals of their performance.
This not only in respect of the quality of their fleet but also by the accuracy they manage our requests and bookings and by the thoroughness they communicate and operate the services.
The diligence and efficiency we demand from our affiliates is an expression of our strive to add values for our clients and to follow our ambition of constant improvement.
This has made us the preferred supplier of many agencies, global acting companies, high-ranking executives and VIPs of the entertainment industry.
Aarhus - Abu Dhabi - Alexandria - Algiers - Amsterdam - Ankara - Antwerp - Athens - Bahrein - Bangkok - Barcelona - Beijing - Belgrade - Berlin - Boston - Brasilia - Bratislava Brisbane - Brussels - Bucharest - Budapest - Buenos Aires - Cairo - Cape Town - Caracas - Chicago - Cologne - Copenhagen - Denver - Doha - Dubai - Dublin - Dusseldorf - Dresden - Edinburgh - Frankfurt - Florence - Geneva - Gothenburg - Hamburg - Helsinki - Istanbul - Jerusalem - Johannesburg - Kiev - Kuala Lumpur - Kuwait - Las Vegas - Lisbon - London - Los Angeles - Luxembourg - Malaga - Madrid - Manchester - Melbourne - Mexico City - Miami - Milan - Milwaukee - Montreal - Moscow - Mumbai - Munich - Muscat - New Delhi - New York - Orlando - Oslo - Paris - Perth - Philadelphia - Prague - Riga - Rio De Janeiro - Rome - Rotterdam - San Francisco - Salzburg - San Diego - Sao Paolo - Seattle - Seoul - Shanghai - Singapore - Sofia - Stockholm - Strasbourg - Stuttgart - Sydney - Taipei - Tallinn - Tel Aviv - Tokyo - Toronto - Tunis - Turin - Venice - Vienna - Vilnius - Warsaw - Washington D.C. - Zagreb - Zurich

The Reservation Process ›

  • You send your travel details and itinerary, describe the requirement and we acknowledge the receipt. Usually you would email us the details but you can also call or fax and we’ll be happy to to give our advice.
  • If any information is missing we email or call to get the information needed.
  • Your project is allocated to one of our agents who will be responsible to manage your request in each aspect. This will include an analysis of availability of service at the destination and all local characteristics. This demands a high degree of professional competence and a profound communication with the local supplier company.
  • Your itinerary will be checked for any obvious errors or omissions.
  • A quotation or a confirmation will be issued from our reservation system. This will be printed in a pdf attachment to our confirmation email.
  • After your confirmation a booking will be sent to our local partner.
  • The partner company will acknowledge receipt and confirm all booking details.
  • Within a certain time frame prior to service, we’ll send driver details including name and cell phone number without you having to ask for it.
  • One or two hours before the scheduled pick-up for every service, we telephone the driver or the partner company to check if the driver is en route and has all details of the passengers itinerary.
  • The driver will meet the passenger with the agreed welcome board carrying either his name, a company logo or an alias. No handwritten or unreadable slips of paper.
  • Both the driver and the supplier company are urged to immediately communicate any anomaly or incident.
  • If there’s any deviation from the itinerary we’ll let our customers know to enable them to adept the further planning.
    After finalization of service an invoice will issued including the final details.